16 November 2018

Financing of Program № 1432 should be increased to 15 billion rubles in 2019

Russian agricultural machinery manufacturers say that the decision to extend Program No. 1432 for 5 years is very important. At the same time, machine builders believe that it is necessary to increase its financing.


This was reported by the leaders of Eurotechnika JSC, Altai Agricultural Engineering Plant JSC and Pegas-Agro LLC.

The Government was instructed to draft a state programme for developing rural areas and to make sure that, beginning in 2019, subsidies from the federal budget in the amount of at least 8 billion rubles are allocated annually to agricultural equipment manufacturers during the next five years. This is the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

On November 14, the State Duma in the second reading adopted the draft federal law «On the federal budget for 2019 and for the planned period of 2020 and 2021». Despite the presidential decree, the adopted document provided for the implementation of Program No. 1432 next year 8 billion rubles, and in 2020 and 2021 - only 2 billion rubles annually.

The Association «Rosspetsmash» reported that annually it is necessary to allocate at least 15 billion rubles for Program No. 1432.